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Back to Campus Preparations – Disinfecting our surroundings

Back to Campus Preparations - Disinfecting our surroundings



As we prepare to gradually transition back to our campus (which, most of us at OIC are eagerly looking forward to!).

We have a large stock of precautionary supplies to prevent the spread of the virus because after all “Prevention is better than Cure”. As we are very cautious of our OIC family’s wellbeing, we have placed “Essential COVID-19 Hygiene Supplies” all around our campus consisting of the items like “Sanitisers”, “Alcohol-Wipes” and “Social-Distancing” stickers around the whole campus as a pre-preparation before our students return to their normal College life.

We can’t wait to have you back!!!

Our “Essential COVID-19 Hygiene Supplies” includes:

Hand Sanitiser bottles are placed all around the campus in ample amounts to keep it handy to be used by everyone at all times.


Our whole campus has been disinfected several times and this practice will remain as ongoing for the foreseeable future.
We have also arranged for Alcohol Wipes for surface cleansing.

Social Distancing Stickers have been placed around the common areas of all our campuses.

Social Distancing Stickers

We really look forward to resuming our immensely missed OIC routine with enthusiasm and make the most of this remaining year!!!

Can’t wait to have our lives get back to normal super soon Because what “College Life” fun is it to have a day without seeing some friendly faces!!!

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