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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Extreme Hardship Support Program

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Extreme Hardship Support Program



Dear Students,
The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is commissioning the Red Cross to deliver an Extreme Hardship Support Program to provide financial assistance, information & referrals to people living in Victoria who are experiencing significant hardship as a result of this pandemic.

Who can apply?
To apply, you must:

  • Live in Victoria
  • Be unable to access Commonwealth income support (such as JobKeeper or JobSeeker) or the Victorian International Student Emergency Relief Fund.
  • Have zero or very limited income, savings or community support.
  • Be a temporary or provisional visa holder, or an undocumented migrant.

How do I apply?
To apply for emergency financial assistance go to the Red Cross website ( You will need your passport and bank statements showing transactions for the last three months.

How much money can I receive? Why are people receiving different amounts?
A single person may receive up to $400. Families may receive more, based on the number of people in the family or individual circumstances.

You may be able to apply for an additional payment after two months if you are still experiencing financial hardship.

What other supports are available to me?
Temporary & provisional visas and undocumented migrants can access a range of health and wellbeing supports during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This includes free coronavirus (COVID-19) testing and treatment, even if you do not have a Medicare card.

Other support includes help with rental hardship, family violence, and mental health support.

For a full list of current support options available go to the Red Cross website at

Kind Regards,
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