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COVID-19 Information Read More
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OIC Online Only Delivery Commencement

OIC Online Only Delivery Commencement


In response to growing global concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, after careful consideration, Orange International College (OIC)has decided to move to online-only training and assessment to continue to keep our students engaged with their studies.

While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 connected to OIC, the decision to move to online only learning where possible is a precautionary measure to limit contact during this phase of the pandemic and minimise the risk to our staff and student community.

Transition Period-23/03/2020 to 29/03/2020: The Planned Training Sessions for online-only delivery of learning and teaching for lectures and tutorials have been scheduled from Monday, the 23rd of March until Sunday, the 29th of March to allow our students and trainers to prepare for a transition to complete online- only training and/or assessment. These decisions have also been taken to minimise the impact of current situation and to help students stay on track with their studies.

OIC will remain open for students until the 22nd of March, 2020, unless the government advises otherwise.

Online–only Delivery commencement 23rd of March, 2020 onwards: Students will not be required to come for face-to-face classes from 23rd of March, 2020 onwards, until further notice.

Sessions for theory component will continue via online only classes.

Alternative plans for units that have face-to-face requirements e.g. practicals, workshop etc. and that are difficult to replicate in the online environment are being reviewed.

Attendance: Attendance will be monitored based on your online presence on the prescribed platform (Zoom and Google Classroom). Students are expected to attend the online-only delivery sessions just the same way, as the normal face-to-face classes. All our students will need to take part in their respective online classes to avoid reassessment or repeat unit fees.

Time Tables: Till further notice, all on-campus lectures and classes will be recorded and delivered online from Monday, the 23rd of March and online lectures and classes will occur at the same time as timetabled.

You may access the information regarding your timetables via the Learner App. For any changes to student timetables, you will be informed via Google Classroom and Learner App as well.

Reminder: Please be advised that Monday, the 23rd of March until Sunday, the 29th of March is the transition period for the trainers and students to get accustomed and comfortable with the online-only delivery of learning and teaching concept, so it is mandatory for you to participate in these sessions to continue to stay engaged with your studies.

FAQs: The frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide further information for staff and students will be released soon.

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