The best way to get in contact with Orange is to fill out the Contact us Form or call 13000 69 642. Alternatively, you can email us at

We have 3 different campuses: Melbourne, Port Melbourne and Hobart. Depending on your course, you can change campuses while studying and explore life in different cities.

Please contact us at

Due to COVID-19 reasons, we are not able to organize physical tours at the moment.

All Orange College courses have specific entry requirements, but we also offer multiple pathways into courses when you don’t meet those entry requirements.There are different pathways for different courses.

For more information on different types of pathways available, visit study pathways.

Yes. Our trainers and team will guide you through your job-application process as well as assisting you with job searches, resume writing and interview techniques. They will help you secure an industry placement with an approved employer.


The first step in the application process is to submit a International Student Application Form with the following supporting documentation:
Certified Passport
Certified Academic Transcript and qualification from Year 12 or Above
Evidence of English Proficiency

This form needs to be completed in full with the supporting documents attached.
Alternatively you can send it to

Applications can be rejected at any stage during the application process for a variety of reasons. Please be assured all efforts are made to carefully review and accommodate all applications.

After the application, you will receive an Offer Letter and the request for pending documents, if any.

When all pending documents are submitted and you meet the entry requirements, you will be requested to make an initial deposit for the course.

Done! Once it is completed, you will receive your COE with a Welcome letter!

Our application process takes approximately 24 hours, with some applications taking longer. All applications are analyzed on a case-by-case basis, and some can be delayed due to their complexity, or the timeliness of student’s responsiveness. We can also have delays due to the high volume of applications. Please allow time for processing and understand that we cannot hurry the process.

You must submit your application at least 1 month before the start of your course. We cannot accept any applications received after the cut-off dates and will not expedite applications for any reason. Also, we can’t accept offers more than six months in advance.

Applying is easy and can be done online by filling out the Student Application Form. If you have any difficulty, please contact us at

Our Marketing staff will help you through the application process and provide you with updates. If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter via email.


As an International Student, you are allowed to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight during your course and unlimited hours during study breaks. Find out more at Home Affairs.

Everybody working in Australia has basic rights and protections in the workplace, including minimum pay and conditions. The Fair Work Ombudsman makes sure that these rights are protected and enforced fairly under Australia’s workplace laws. For more information, please visit the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman.

Our Melbourne and Hobart campuses do not provide accommodation. If you are new to the country and need help finding housing in Australia, please contact


Preferred method of payment is via direct debit. If you haven’t signed up yet, please contact our Accounts team.

The monthly payment instalments are interest free monthly payment plans to pay your course fees to Orange College which is part of our Student Agreement and Acceptance of Offer (Offer Letter). You can find the instalment plan details in the Offer Letter and invoices for monthly instalments in the leaner App. You can also request a copy of your statement of account by submitting a payment plan enquiry from the general enquiry request form. The form can be found and submitted from:

You can check your invoices through the Leaner App where your pending balance and overdue amount is listed. Invoices with status of “Authorised” are unpaid. You can click “View” to see the invoice for details (including your current outstanding invoices showing all your pending fees) and download the invoice. Payments made normally takes a few business days to be reflected on the invoice. If you have any questions or missed payments, you can submit a fees enquiry to double check. The form can be found and submitted from:

Instalments are due on 10th of every month. All invoices are issued within one month as per the instalment plans in the offer letter after the enrolment. An additional reminder will be sent to your orange email address approximately 3 days before the due date of the instalment/invoice. Direct debits will be initiated on the due date or the first working day after the due date as it can only be conducted on working days. if you have set up direct debit, please do not make any bank transfer without informing Orange College 3 business days prior to the due date to avoid double payments*. If the direct debit is unsuccessful and the invoice is not paid on time, additional reminders will be sent to you. Dishonour fees and late fees may apply on late payments.

*Direct Debit is an automatic system and a 2-3 business days’ advance period will allow us to process your request.

Refund application can be submitted through the general enquiry request form: ( and will be processed as per the refund conditions listed in the Offer Letter.

Orange College offers help when you experience temporary and compelling situations. Short extensions of time can be considered under the fees policy. The fees extension application can be submitted through:

To apply for a fee payment extension:

  • applications for fee extensions must be made 2-3 business days prior to the fee due date*
  • you must demonstrate (with supporting documentation as required case by case scenario) how the financial hardship or exceptional unforeseen circumstances will prevent payment by the due date
  • you must nominate the date when fees will be paid and detail the steps being taken to ensure payment by this date
  • you must have a good payment history and have set up direct debit

*Direct Debit is an automatic system and a 2-3 business days’ advance period will allow us to process your request.

If you have lost/replaced/changed your bank account/card, you can submit a Fees enquiry to update the nominated bank account/card through the general enquiry request form. One of our team members will provide a link to your orange email address after receiving the ticket so that you can update the account by yourself. A Change of Direct Debit request must be made 5 business days prior to the fees due dates and the form must be completed 2-3 business days prior to the fees due dates to successfully change the nominated bank account/card for the next fees*.

The enquiry can be submitted through:

Please kindly ensure the information provided is correct and the account is available for direct debit (please contact the issuer of the account to confirm). Dishonour or late fees will be charged if any transactions are rejected due to invalid account/card details.

*Direct Debit is an automatic system and a 2-3 business days’ advance period will allow us to process your request.

A Suspension does not impact on the recurring monthly debit of fees. Students will still have to maintain their monthly Payment Instalments while they are on approved Suspension with OC. This is part of the conditions of the instalment plan. However, you won’t need to pay the course fee again if you need to redo the units affected by the suspension period. If you have financial hardship during the suspension period, you can apply for fees extension which will be assessed as per the fees extension procedure listed in Q6 above.


YES, your attendance will be monitored based on your presence in the online sessions as your trainer will be marking your attendance. The attendance will be marked twice during each session and If students are not responsive then they will be marked absent as per the session.

You will be required to submit your assessment to your trainer via Moodle or Google Classroom. Please follow the due date as mentioned on the platform.

You must provide the Medical Certificate if you cannot attend the session due to sickness. If your GP (General Practitioner) has advised you not to attend the class for more than 2 weeks, then you need to defer/suspend your studies. Please follow Deferral Suspension and Cancellation Policy and submit your request through our General Request Form

Go to General Request Form and select “Google Classroom” or “Moodle” to lodge your support request.

Go to Google Classroom or Moodle and check the posted video named “Instructional Video for Accessing Online Classes”.

Online classes are scheduled as per your current timetable. You must access information regarding your timetables via the Learner App. For any changes to student timetables, you will be informed via Google Classroom and Learner App as well.

If you have any questions that are not covered by the above, please contact us at, or fill out the General Request Form.