These documents are regularly reviewed and updated as part of Orange College Continuous Improvement Strategy.

Student Forms

Form Name
International Student Application Form
Airport Pickup Request Form
Credit Card Authorisation Form
Critical Incident Report Form
Deferment Suspension or Cancellation Form
Request for Access to Student Records Form
Transfer of Provider Request Form
Language Literacy and Numeracy Support Form
Form Name
Fee Extension Request Form
Refund Form
Credit Transfer Form
Student General Enquiry Form
Simplified Student Visa Framework Requirements
SSVF GTE Questionnaire

Student Policies

Policy Name
Social Media Policy
Copyright Policy
Privacy Policy
Transfer of Student between provider policy and procedure
Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Policy
Access and Equity Policy
Complaints and Appeals Policy
Deferral Suspension and Cancellation Policy
International Refund Policy
Scholarship Policy
Student Disciplinary Policy
ELICOS Course Attendance Policy and Procedure
Student Support Policy
BYOD Policy
Smoking, Tobacco and Vaping Policy
Policy Name
Language Literacy and Numeracy Policy
Students Code of Conduct
Tips and Hints for RPL
Fees Policy
Information & Communication Systems Acceptable Use Policy
Overseas Student Health Cover Policy
Certifying Documents
SSVF Simplified Student Visa Framework Requirements
Completion within expected course duration and monitoring course progress policy and procedure
Credit Transfer Policy
RPL Policy
Critical Incident Response Policy
Vocational Placement Policy and Procedure
Student Assessment Policy
Student Training Policy

Agent Documents

Form Name
International Education Agent Application Form     
Form Name
Education Agent Reference Check