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Science Works

Our trip to Scienceworks was marvelous. We actually started our excursion with a nice breakfast in the café and then went for a short stroll around the museum to keep ourselves amused by some educational and interactive displays and activities before attending the first event, “Bolt from the Blue”.

We let our students explore for themselves and found them all engaged with a variety of science-oriented games in Sportsworks section, leaping, racing, goalkeeping, and zooming down the slopes in the snowboarding simulator, testing in away their skills and investigating their body abilities. The fun part was that we could send some of the personalized games to school through email which was a great way of saving memories (check it out on our FB page).

The lightening demonstration was incredibly good and very educational. The guide doing it was very knowledgeable and even invited some of our students to help him demonstrate his experiments to the public and that made our experience delightful and fun.

We then had lunch at the café and ended our excursion with the second event called the Planetarium. The Planetarium was interesting and made our visit worthwhile. It was really great that we could recline our seats and look at the film on the huge dome ceiling, being the screen.