Summer BBQ December 2018 • Orange International College

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Summer BBQ December 2018

The “Summer BBQ December 2018” was celebrated at Orange International College campus in Port Melbourne on 17th December, 2018. The event was organised by the Elicos Teaching Department and with the collaboration of the Marketing Department.

Students enjoyed a beautiful summer day our Port Melbourne Campus. There were lot of food options, such as burgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, desserts and alternative vegetarian as well. Students and trainer enjoyed the tasty food, shared experiences and got to know Orange International College third campus, recently opened in Port Melbourne.

Such a beautiful and fun day was an excellent opportunity to introduce students with trainers through an end of the year celebration in a chill environment. We all had a fun day and we will definitely repeat this event in the near future, because it was great to see all our Elicos students participate and have a blast.