Short Course: Business

starting a micro business
Starting a micro business

A micro business or micro enterprise is an organisation with less than five employees which is established to ..

promoting a small business
Promoting a small business

To determine the most appropriate focus of marketing opportunities, it is necessary to understand the capability of ..

Organisations and sustainability
Organisations and sustainability

When considering sustainability in this context, we are talking about financial sustainability rather than ..

Organisations and social responsibility
Organisations and social responsibility

Social responsibility refers to an organisation’s obligation to minimise its negative impact on society and the ..

Networking How and why
Networking – How and why

Networking involves making efforts to meet people and make contacts with people you have something in common. The ..

manage a franchise
Manage a franchise

Under the franchising business model both parties—the franchisor and franchisee— have obligations, and it is up to ..

Governance being a board member
Governance-being a board member

You have been asked to sit on a board. There are a number of things you might need to know. Let’s start with some ..

Effective meetings
Effective meetings

Meetings provide a forum for one or more people to exchange ideas, sh are information, debate theories and ..

develop a budget
Develop a budget

Designing and developing budgets is an operations management function. Gathering, collating and interpreting the ..