Short Course: Health & Safety

manual handling
Manual Handling

Manual tasks (or manual handling) are any activities involving the use of muscular force (or effort) to lift, move ..

infection control
Infection control

Maintaining a safe environment for people, clients/ patients and health c are workers in a health care environment ..

health and Safety leadership
Health and safety leadership

Part of a leadership role, including supervisory and managerial positions, is contributing to the strategies for ..

health and safety incident management
Health and safety incident management

Health and safety legislation in Australia is state based; each jurisdiction is responsible for its own laws and ..

creating safety culture
Creating safety culture

A safety culture is a culture where a set of core values and behaviours promote safety in the workplace. Each ..

childrens leisure and recreation programs
Children’s leisure and recreation programs

Leisure or free time can be defined as time spent away from school, work , and domestic chores. It is also the ..

basic foot and nail care
Basic foot and nail care

To provide basic foot and nail care, it will be necessary for you to confirm client needs. You can do this by ..