Short Course: Human Resources

workforce plaining
Workforce plaining

Before organisations can even begin to formulate a workforce plan, they need to get an accurate picture of the ..

recruiting and selecting
Recruiting and selecting

The recruitment process takes a lot of time and money. This means that you need to find an excellent member of ..

performance management
Performance management

Performance management is the process of communication between manager and employee that results in mutual..

managing work stress
Managing work stress

Stress is part of life. It is the force that motivates us to achieve even small things. It stimulates us to act. If ..

managing off site staff
Managing off site staff

Front line managers, team leaders or supervisors can be responsible for a variety of work teams, those who are located..

delivering training at work
Delivering training at work

Managers and supervisors who are involved in the delivery of training must be aware that prior to designing and ..

developing a learning organisation
Developing a learning organisation

Changes or additions to our thinking are anchored in behaviours that demonstrate particular learning or knowledge. ..

developing an induction program
Developing an induction program

Induction is the process whereby new workers, or workers moving from one area/ job to another, are made familiar ..