Short Course: Interpersonal Skills

your career pathway
your career pathway

It is very rare to walk directly into the perfect job role. There are usually a series of small steps that need to ..


Volunteers work in all spheres of community and across many sectors incl uding health and welfare, emergency ..

Understanding and managing conflict at work
Understanding and managing conflict at work

The three main sources of conflict are: Emotional—conflicts which are generally based on misunderstanding, and might..

time management at work
Time management at work

A key to making effective use of time is understanding what you want and what you need to achieve. You cannot ..


Management and leadership are not the same thing. Managers are organisers who focus on operations. Leaders work ..

Prioritising work
Prioritising work

Each employee needs to know what is expected of them, when it is expected and the standard to which they are ..

Diversity understanding and managing
Diversity – Understanding and Managing

Differences between people relate to culture, race, nationality, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive ..

communication skills
Communication Skills

Most of us tend to operate on instinct when we deal with others. We might have an idea that we need to talk to

conducting interviews
Conducting interviews

Conducting interviews is one of the most important parts of an effective HR Management process..

conducting internal audit
Conducting internal audit

Having established the need for conducting an internal audit, it will be necessary to form an audit team and ..