Short Course: Marketing

Conferences promotions and management
Conferences – Promotions and Management

Management of a conference begins with planning. You will need a brie f of the conference requirements and should ..

Risk assessment and control
Risk Assessment and control

Risk management is the total approach to the protection of an organisation’s assets, environment, and the achievement..

Skills for influencing and negotiating
Skills for influencing and negotiating

Power, influence and negotiation are interrelated. Influence can be described as the ability to indirectly affect ..

Profiling the market
Profiling the Market

Market analysis is a systematic investigation of the growth and the composition of a market. Segments divide the ..

product knowledge
Product knowledge

Product knowledge is the understanding of the features and benefits of products and services. Communication and ..

online sales
Online Sales

What is your online business about? Do you sell your own products or someone else’s? If you sell someone else’s ..

organising events
Organising events

A function is a formal or informal social gathering, activity, event or ceremony, which has significant importance..

managing a sales team
Managing a sales team

Show respect for team members. When we respect others, it is easier for t hem to respect us. Cooperative and ..

Identifying marketing opportunities
Identifying marketing opportunities

The aim of marketing is to attract customers. Good information is the foun dation for good marketing..

conducting useful market research
Conducting useful market research

Market research is a key element within the total field of marketing information. It links the consumer, customer ..