What is Smart and Skilled?

Smart and Skilled is a NSW Government reform program which provides participants with a great opportunity to obtain the necessary skills and qualifications needed to pursue a career in in-demand industries through government-subsidised training. It’s a key part of the NSW vocational education and training (VET) system and endeavors to give eligible students:

  • an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III
  • government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas.

Who is eligible for the funding?

While eligibility depends on many factors, Smart and Skilled course participants include people who are: 

  • a NSW apprentice or trainee;
  • 15 years old or over
  • no longer at school or home-schooled students and
  • living or working in NSW (or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in specific NSW border areas)
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen.

See more about eligibility at Skills NSW

Young people (aged 15-30) may be eligible to apply for a Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship

Orange College is Smart & Skilled-Approved to Deliver Training in

  • CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry
  • CPC30620 – Certificate III in Painting and Decorating

Support for Disadvantaged Students

Smart and Skilled supports disadvantaged students through providing:

  • Scholarships for training up to and including a Certificate IV for:
    • young people who are eligible for a concession fee
    • young people who are or have been in out-of-home care
    • people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic and family violence and their dependents.

Check Your Eligibility and Enrol

Get familiar with Smart & Skilled by visiting this website.

Go to the Course Finder  and click on Calculate your Fee to find out if you are eligible and to get an estimate of your fees. The level of subsidy you are entitled to will vary depending on your circumstances. The fee you are required to pay is set and will not change if you choose another provider. If you are unsure of this process, you can contact us and we can advise you of your eligibility and any concessions of exemption or if you qualify for a fee free scholarship. If you are not eligible for full subsidy, don’t stress as we can work out a flexible payment plan for you.

Select your Training Provider. You will be able to find Orange College listed under Orange International College Pty Ltd.

Click on Orange International College Pty Ltd hyperlink. You will be directed to the Orange College website.

Go to Domestic Programs and click on the NSW Smart & Skilled Funding Follow the prompts to read full information about the qualification of your choice. Once you have made an informed decision and are ready to enroll simply contact us or go to the Resources tab on our website and complete the ‘Consent Form’ and a declaration that all information provided is true and correct.

Gather all required documents for eligibility and enrolment. You will need to provide proof of the following:

  • Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residents, New Zealand Citizen, Approved Visa Holders (Other than Student Visa)
  • Be 15 Years or Over
  • Have 100 Points of your Personal ID
  • Obtain USI, Police Check, Working with Children Check

Orange College will generate and maintain a hard copy or electronic copy of the Notification of Enrolment report and provides a copy of this to prospective student. Successful completion of the Notification of Enrolment process will result in the issuance of a Commitment ID. Prospective student must confirm (by reading and signing the enrolment form) that all information provided by the student to the provider, in connection with the Notification of Enrolment process is true, accurate, complete and not misleading in any way.

Prospective student will be enrolled into our Student Management System and Learning Management System and be sent a notification upon successful enrolment in the systems via email. The notification also contains login details for prospective student.

Prospective student will receive a link for completion of an LLN test on our Learning Management System (Moodle). Once you have completed the LLN test, the results will be generated and support strategies will be determined if there are areas that need to be strengthened.

Prospective student will receive a Training Plan from Orange College as soon as the enrolment in the Student Management System is successful. Student will also be given an opportunity to have input into developing the Training Plan. The contact details of your trainer and student services staff will be outlined in the Training Plan.

Courses Available

CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry

This course is funded by the NSW Government under the Smart & Skilled Program for eligible participants.

Course Overview

This is a trade qualification for carpenters in residential and commercial workplaces. It includes setting out, manufacturing, constructing, assembling, installing and repairing products made using timber and non-timber materials

CPC30620 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating

This course is funded by the NSW Government under the Smart & Skilled Program for eligible participants.

Course Overview

This is a dynamic course that prepares students for a career in painting and decorating. Both classes and assignments are either real or conducted within closely simulated workplace environments, and this qualification requires all units of competency to be delivered within this context.

Studying the Certificate III in Painting and Decorating course will put you on the path to success as a contractor or business owner who specialises in painting and decorating