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Student Welfare, Support and Guidance

Student Welfare, Support and Guidance



Orange International College (OIC) is very proud to be able to strongly support it’s students in times when they need it the most! Realising the financial hardship faced by many international students due to loss of employment with workplaces forced to shut down. OIC made a difficult but necessary decision to implement fee flexibility.

The support measures implemented by the College included:


Scholarship of $100,000 approved by management for our current students. Each student got a scholarship of $50 in April and the same will be provided for the month of May. This scholarship was adjusted in each student’s fee instalment.

Fees Deferred

Deferred 20% monthly fees for April & May 2020 to the last installment of the student payment plan. This eased some pressure on our students.

Fund Support for International Student

We have been actively working with the government regarding the assistance/package availability for the international students community as the international education industry is one of the biggest export industries of Australia and hundreds of thousand of jobs rely on this industry & We are very thrilled to announce that the Victorian Government has announced a $45 million fund to support international students in Victoria facing hardship as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This fund will provide a payment of up to A$1,100 for vulnerable international students who have lost their job or had a significant reduction to their employment and are facing financial hardship as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Student Support Services

We still have our helpline active, so if you need any support – Send us an email on

Job Opportunities

If you have faced a Job loss, don’t lose hope – Check out this article on tips to find jobs in Australia for Student Visa Holders:


Here are a few popular links to assist you with Job Search:


We witnessed a very positive reaction from our students in response to our initiative. This indeed has filled us with enthusiasm because after all everything we do is for our student’s well being!

From the beginning of this outbreak, through to today, Orange’s team made sure that all our international students are looked after. We understand the emotional challenge they face by staying away from their families and to reciprocated to this by showing our cooperation, patience and empathy in every possible way

Furthermore, we ensured that with the change of the teaching delivery mode to online, our students received high quality education from Orange at all times. This was mainly achievable through the efficient Orange ecosystem in place consisting of Trainer & Lead Trainer (Front Line), Student Support Staff, Coordinators, Managers and Management team.

Overall, we are very pleased with our team’s effort but we are always striving to do better each day!

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