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Sep 10, 2020
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Hello Student!

It has been two consecutive months since we have had the 99aupair info session via Webinar for our students & to give ample opportunity for you to participate we organised two back to back sessions considering the restrictive time scenario that our students might be faced with.

What is the 99aupair Program?

The info-session is for young people who…

  • Are keen to help with child, aged & disability care
  • Are mature, patient, and loving
  • Have intermediate English language skills
  • Are keen to live with a local family
  • Are available to help 15-20 hours a week
  • Can stay with the family 3+ months

How does an individual student benefit from this program?

  • FREE Accomodation & full board
  • Opportunity to improve your English Skills
  • Chance to earn pocket money
  • Local reference & experience for your CV
  • Reduced pressure to look for other jobs to cover your living expenses, thus more focus on your studies.

At OIC we strongly support & promote such initiatives targeted towards the welfare of international students. Afterall, our student’s welfare is our priority.

This session will be reorganised in October. Stay tuned for details about the next session and unless you are a part of it you will not be able to take advantage of the benefit it has for you, so we encourage your activeness!


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