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Apr 6, 2021
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July has been quite remotely engaging. We had some exciting social media competitions going on. One of them was the COVID-19 Learning Competition.

In this competition we asked our social buddies to tell us about ONE life changing tip that they learnt during this Pandemic…and we promised to reward the best answer with a gift voucher, which we fulfilled even during this lockdown!!!

We got a few exciting, fun and thoughtful responses such as:

“One thing I have learned from this pandemic is about introspection. I think it is very important to live with other people. I think if you don’t like things being done to you, then don’t do it to other people. And I have learnt to value the minimal things that we live with every day.”

“One life changing tip I learned about in this pandemic is Toilet paper is more important than food.”

“I think that the principal thing that this pandemic has left us is that nature is wise and we must learn to take care of each other”

“My life has changed during Covid-19 Pandemic. Because of Covid-19, I have to stay at home and I have more time with my family and take care of my health. I can cook and have dinner with my family as we never had time before. At this moment family is more important than anything.”

It was a very tough decision but we had to decide on one winner. And after immense contemplation we were able to do so. If you would like to know who it is, please visit our COVID-19 Learning Competition post on Facebook.

We encourage you to stay tuned and up to date with the Google Classroom announcements & Newsletters where we inform you of such activities that are organized just for you and we would be so glad if you took up the opportunity and benefited from it.


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