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Jul 22, 2022
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A Direct Debit is an authority given to students to pay the recurring monthly installments/ invoices from your nominated bank account to Orange College (OC).

As a part of the terms and conditions in our Student Agreement and Acceptance of Offer (Offer Letter), students, who agreed to pay the course fees to Orange College through installment plans, are required to set up direct debit. Direct debit is safe, convenient and cost effective for students.

There are some benefits to making payments using Direct Debit:

Convenient – Setting up direct debit is easy and free. You can set up direct debit instantly and for free by completing the e-Amendment forms.

No more late payments – Once authorised, the payments will be collected automatically from the nominated bank account/ card as per the agreed schedule on the Offer Letter, providing there are sufficient funds, so bills are never forgotten, lost, or delayed. You can even request to delay the next upcoming payment/ invoice by submitting a fees extension application when you need to do so. The application will be assessed and approved under the fees policies (see FAQ for more details).

Customer Protection – Direct Debit is a safe payment method that are regulated by the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA). They are also protected by the terms and conditions in the e-Amendment forms and signed agreements with Orange College. All bank card details are encrypted and protected in the system, so you do not need to worry about having those details stolen. You can also make request to refund an incorrect payment anytime through the general enquiry request form (see FAQ for more details).

Flexible – You can set up direct debit with a wide range of options, including a Visa/ Master/ Amex card or a bank account with no surcharges for any successful transactions from Orange College. You can change your nominated card/ bank account anytime by making a request through the general enquiry request form (see FAQ for more details).

Please note if you have set up Direct Debit, kindly ensure a sufficient balance on your account to allow successful deduction.

From August 1st, 2022, any failed transactions will incur a dishonour fee up to $10.00 charged from Orange College as per our fees policies and signed agreement and offer letter which is separate from the late fees. You can find the fees policies here

Have any questions?For more information, check our FAQs


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