Fillable PDFs for Carpentry and Painting and Decorating

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May 5, 2020
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Update in the assessment submission style – Editable PDF for Carp and P&D

Improvisation is the key to adapting to uncertain situations. Distance learning and online education, or rather the ban on all non-essential travel, as well as the physical distancing imposed on Australia by the Federal Government, has pushed businesses to their limits.

  • How will students complete assessments that had previously been done exclusively by printing them on paper?
  • How do trainers ensure that students complete quality work?
  • How to ensure that students understand what to do or how to submit their work?


Obvious and simple questions that prompted us to rethink our submission process. We opted to go for the fillable PDFs for two of our courses: Certificate III in Painting and Decorating and Certificate III in Carpentry. It might seem simple enough a decision to make, but behind the curtains, this involves quite a bit of work and coordination between different departments. From making the initial plans/decision to the final fillable PDFs that students can access today, our staff members have given their blood, sweat and tears to the task – especially considering that it had to be done within a week.

We hope that our new system of conducting and submitting assessments will be of real benefit to our students. Using our fillable PDFs, students will be able to complete all of their work on their laptops/computers and will be able to revise/revisit every time they need to do so.

Eventually, submissions will be as simple as a click of a button (as all it takes is sending the completed task via email). Please note that to access the fillable PDFs, all you would have to do is log in to Google Classroom, and download them from the Stream section (under the Assessment Tasks topic).


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