International Student Relief Fund – Zoom Questionnaire Session

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Nov 7, 2020
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Dear students,

Throughout this phase we have tried our best to go above & beyond our limitations to provide that extra support to all of you, as we very well recognise the genuine need for it. Therefore, our teachers held a live online Zoom session to provide information about the ISERF (International Student Emergency Relief Fund), which many students attended and found extremely helpful; we are so glad to have been able to do so.

For your convenience, we are continuously posting the links & information about such available grants by the government on our COVID-19 page on our website. We highly recommend you to visit our website frequently and keep an eye out on Google Classroom announcements made on a regular basis as it consists of important updates which could help you in many ways.

Additionally, you can always contact us at and we’ll provide assistance and support as soon as we can.


Your sincerely,
Orange International College


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