OIC’s 1st Virtual Fair

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Nov 7, 2020
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The “Online Era” is developing day by day and is surpassing every physical boundary to give us a more flexible space to operate as “normal in this abnormal pandemic situation”. Thank you TECHNOLOGY!!!

We are so proud to announce that Orange International College participated in a Virtual Fair for the first time. This was a LATAM virtual fair which was conducted to connect with students around Latin America, Mexico & Brazil. A 4-hour online event hosted on FPP’s virtual platform.

FPP has developed its own Virtual Fair platformfrom scratch, fully focused on international education and designed to replicate all the features that institutions enjoy at traditional student fairs, but online.

For more information about FPP Virtual Fairs, please visit:


Orange had its own private booth, from which we were able to assist students located thousands of miles away as if they were physically present in front of us.

This is what we call the NEW DIGITAL ERA…something that we could only fantasise about in the past is now actually a VIRTUAL REALITY.

This gives us an opportunity to highlight the point of being digitally advanced and we would like to encourage all our students to develop technological capabilities because now it is an essential skill and failing to have it will leave you behind in this race.


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