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Jul 11, 2021
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Dear Students,

As you all must be aware that in August we invited you all to participate in an Online Survey for which we promised to reward participants with gift vouchers.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your response! We were very impressed with the volume of student feedback and we randomly chose 30 lucky winners & sent out digital vouchers to them.

Overall, we were happy to know that our students are happy with our facilities. We have achieved a “Very Satisfied” response from our students regarding the various aspects of studying experience like Task Submission & Feedback, Teacher Responsiveness & Support, Quality of Online Delivery & Environment.

Majority of the students find the “Teacher & Class Atmosphere” most satisfying and believe that OIC does not need to improve on anything! However, we believe in challenging our own limitations to be better each day and for that reason we have brainstormed various ideas that we will implement in the near future to enhance our students’ experience.

This survey was a great source for us to get an insight about the OIC from our students’ point of view. Therefore, we take every bit of the feedback very seriously and we will put our efforts to endeavour to achieve whatever we can as per our students’ requests. Furthermore, we would really appreciate your participation in such initiatives in future as well because at the end of the day everything that we do is for our students’ betterment.


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