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May 5, 2020
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Making the most of technology – Zoom & Online Classes

Our face-to-face programs have moved to the cloud. Although we had already made arrangements for an online component for some of our programs using our primary LMS (learning management system), Google Classroom, by adding Zoom, as an additional application, we have completely gone online. We truly hope all our students enjoy our virtual campus as much as we do. For us, good student support and high teaching quality are priceless.

We continuously reshuffle our student support to where support is needed the most, and we keep on providing constant professional development to our trainers in the usage of internet platforms for teaching purposes.

Times are definitely hard today, what with the Covid-19 situation developing on a daily basis, but this has also offered incredible insights into how online education and distance teaching (could) work. This will most definitely lead to new discoveries and improvements worldwide.

In terms of OIC, this has been an amazing collective transformation in a rather short time. We recognise that more work is to be done, and would like to express our sincerest gratitude to getting OIC where it is today.


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