Words of appreciation from one of our Trivia Participants

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Nov 7, 2020
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Last month we conducted an online game session which was all about fun, socialising and doing something outside of the box. And as promised, we gave away $25 gift vouchers to our winners for each game category… which means that few students won more than one game as well!

We posted the vouchers to their home address and Our champs were so glad to receive their vouchers and have shared their happy moments with us!!!

We were so happy to get feedback from our students, therefore, below we have taken this opportunity to share some adorable words of appreciation from one of the participants.

“Orange brought joy to me on that day since everyone loves receiving gifts.

I look forward to actively participating in future activities organized by Orange, getting to better know our fellow students and winning more prizes.” – One of our Trivia winners.

Thank you once again for your participation and we look forward to having you back for our next session… stay tuned to know when the registrations will open. All our OIC students are very much welcome to participate in this…because the more the merrier!!!


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